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should the the u.s. respond to an assassination attempt on american soil? >> welcome to the journal, editorial report, i'm paul g oich igo it: he turned in a solid performance in the state of new hampshire and the endorsement of chris christie. businessman herman cain's star rising and shows romney's biggest rival so far, texas governor rick perry continuing his fall and through it all, his support remains steady. so, does the former massachusetts governor have the nomination wrapped up? or is there an anti-romney waiting in the wings? joining the panel it week, wall street journal editorial report, dorothy rabinowicz and editor james freeman. dorothy, we keep reading this week that republicans are getting used to the idea that mitt romney is the inevitable nominee, do you agree? >> yes, i think they're getting used to it. exactly what you said. all good questions. i don't think there's another anti-romney who is going to transcend the current romley, but this is like one of those old hollywood movies in the 40's and 50's and there is this guy that you like, but you know you're not
-american cleric anwar al-awlaki was killed in yemen. does the u.s. have al-qaeda on the ropes? >> we need you, your country needs you. [applaus [applause] >> welcome to the journal, editorial report. i am paul gigot. he says he won't run, but the clamor continues. and chris christie, what does he have that the g.o.p. field is missing. journal us editorial board member, jason riley, henninger and james freeman, james, this clamor about the appeal of christie or the lack of appeal of everybody else. >> it's mainly christie, rick perry has doesn't the job in the debates. looking at guys on the stage, the debates on the stage, they're not as good as the governor of new jersey has done, a powerful case for limited government. >> paul: christie has been in that battle and people have seen him and people have seen him taking on the issues. >> they'll emulated them. the republicans around the country talking about reforming government and limiting benefits programs in a direct way, a way, for example, he can talk about reforming teacher's unions and their pension systems without coming off at anti-e
is the one person who gave us the bailout era of wall street, it's tim geithner. as president of the federal reserve bank of new york, orchestrated, cheered on beginning with bear-stearns and then aig, the various government intervention. so for him to try and jump ahead of this parade is just beyond weird, but-- >> go ahead, james. >> i was going to say, listen to the president, he keeps saying this is not class warfare, this is just not. you look at what's going on in downtown manhattan. that's class warfare, these guys do want war. >> paul: could it really be that this is going to be the beginning of a populous left wing movement comparable to what we saw in the conservative populism of tea party and actually become a major political force that has influence not us just over democratic politics, but over policy? >> i would say no, because the tea party is a-- was it reaction among people, small business owners voters, thought the government was spending too much and was too big. the crowd that this group is playing to is extremely small. this is not the typical american voter. this is not
possible or does the cain tactic look for anyone looking to overhaul the system. joining us, assistant editorial page he had corps james freeman and mary o'grady and kim strassel. mary, those candidates piled on herman cain and everybody opposed it, but art laffer, the economist supported it. who is right? >> first of all, i think that herman cain obviously got attack because he's spiking in the polls and people are worried about him and this is the cornerstone of his campaign right now. it has a lot of good spiritual initiatives, in other words, it's, you know, it raises the issue of how complicated the tax code is. it's attempts to simplify it, broaden the base and those are all good things. >> people would help economically? >> the problem with this code, this idea, i think, even though it says that it uncomplicates the code, look at the big debate how complicated it is. nobody seems to know exactly what it is. you have a corporate income tax where you have -- you pay taxes, but you're not allowed to subtract out wages and it's called a net profits tax, but apparently you pay it eve
with us tonight. ♪ >> this week on the journal, editorial report. rick perry jumps on the tax reform band wagon. can his plan save his struggling campaign. plus the controversy over the keystone oil pipeline and it's championed by unions as a job creator, but attacked by environmentalists as a change disaster. what's a democratic president to do. all of that and the islamists rise after the arab spring. is democracy possible in the muslim world? >> welcome to the journal, editorial report. i'm paul giggo. texas governor rig perry jumped into the reform debate. introducing a sweeping plan to overhaul the system an operational flat rate income rate of 20%. fox news paul has perry sliding to fourth place in the republican primary field. can his proposal put him back into the top tier? joining the panel this week, wall street journal columnist dan henninger and jason riley and kim strassel. kim, start with you, rick perry offered this proposal that he called bold. do you think it's bold enough? >> well, it's as good a shot as he's going to have. i mean, he just looked at herman cain and
question here. the critics who are going after it are using these start of static analysis that the congressional budget office uses, assumes that for example, that the bush tax cuts will expire which may not happen and it didn't take into effect how a platter code, a more efficient code will incentivize economic growth. so, that's where the debate will be. and raise enough revenue. >> when you say static analysis, you raise the rates, lower the rates and adjust proportionally and the argument for a flat tax, it will increase growth, but politically, one of the things it doesn't have, perry plan doesn't have is that sales tax, with the 9-9-9 plan that cain has and that's pretty deliberate proposal here to avoid that. >> yes, that's right. on the other hand, it keeps the mortgage deduction and a number of other deductions. >> charitable deduction and state and local taxes, the big three, those are the big three. >> so it's krits sized as not being simple enough and being a kind of jobs bill for accountants. but i think, you know, af got to step back and see what's going on h
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Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)